You're an absolutely beautiful person, inside and out. No matter what people may say about you, no matter what negative thoughts may fester in your head, you are a star. If you ever doubt your worth for one second, look in the mirror, smile to yourself and say, "I am me, and I am beautiful". For those words are true, and you need to believe them. - <3

oh this is so beautiful çç thank you <3

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(≖‿≖✿) hi everyone!! I finally made another follow forever!! the last time I made one was during christmas(like 8 months ago lol) so now I’m back with another one. all the blogs on here are great and the ppl behind it are wonderful. y’all should check them out! oh and I’d also like to thank my followers for not unfollowing me after all these years of only reblogging and occasionally posting ugly edits and weird gifs. you are all great!

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